Friday, April 18, 2008


Ta-ta for now... we're unplugging the computer in a few minutes. Moving truck comes tomorrow morning!

And....public thanks are in order.

Thanks Dad, for being our General Contractor for a week, hanging out with the window guys and all their very dangerous tools, making runs to the dump with 25 years of accumulated trash from the property, and generally being Terrific! And, congrats on the sale of your company :o) Oh, and thanks for completely sacrificing 2 or 3 chainsaw blades to take apart a defunct and dangerous hot tub. Ernie is grateful!

Thanks, Mom, for taking Ernie ALL DAY LONG tomorrow so I can focus on other things, like where to put the couch. I hope she takes a nap for you!

Thanks Aunt LoLo, Casey, Carrie, and Janaea for all your help packing this week. I couldn't have done it without you!! (You too, BBJ and co. Thanks for keeping Ernie occupied!)

Thanks to J's family for all their well wishes and prayers. We're seeing miracles every day.

And, even though she won't see this, thanks to J's aunt's mother- she is providing lunch for all our hard workers tomorrow. Wow!

See y'all on the other side!


Debbie said...

How very nice of Carol to help! Huge thank you from us! BEST WISHES! Happy lifting and shifting...

Debbie said...

SO..... did you find matching shoes for church yesterday? :-)