Saturday, April 12, 2008

We did it!

We closed on our house Friday and picked up the keys from our real estate agent- we are the proud (and anxious) owners of two homes!

Friday night J and I picked up dinner-to-go and went over to check out the new abode- it's still great, and VERY dirty after probably a year of vacancy!

My dad, brother, and J all pitched in to make the house look a little more presentable today- they blew off the roof, mowed the lawn, sprayed moss killer, took down all the blinds for the window guys, and did general touch up work around the yard. Me, pansy that I am, I pulled a few dandelions, trimmed back the trees and bushes that hit us in the face when we walked by, vacuumed most of the upstairs, and made sure everyone was fed at the proper times. (I am alarmed to say that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my double cheeseburger from McD's- I don't recall having one before, at least not in the last 10 years or so.) Oh, and I answered at least a thousand of Ernie's questions- my Dad can vouch for that. She was so excited by everything-

Mama! Bwrr bwrr!
Yes honey, it's a truck.

Mama! Bwrr bwrr...inneee!
Yes honey, you're sitting inside the truck.
*Grandpa rented a Chevy for two weeks to help haul stuff, and do other manly things like that.*

Mama! .... eh!
Yes honey, you have french fries

Mama! .......'ot.
No honey, they're not hot- they're fine.

Mama! .......braaaahr.
Yes honey, that's a really big french fry.

Mama! Bwrr bwrr!
Yes honey, it IS a truck.

Now say all that really fast- see how it only took a few seconds? So keep going through it ten or fifteen times- that will get you through a pretty good rendition of the first five minutes of lunch time! (Make you to take little micro-breaks to eat a chicken nugget, or a french fry. Or be ignored when Mama tries to talk to Grandpa.)

Here's a few pictures- I never got the camera out until the very end of the day. It was a busy day!

Here's Ernie, who is *mighty pleased* to be sitting at a booth, waiting for our pizzas.

Look what they had for the kids! This might be a new favorite restaurant for Ernie.

Here's the very tired work crew, slightly pepped by our pizza supper.


Aunt LoLo said...

Congratulations, honey. :-)

Ben & Casey said...

Your conversation with E made me smile. I can totally relate. :)

Congrats on closing! Let me know if you need any help with packing.

Debbie said...

You are such a great writer! We feel like we were there listening to the conversation. Wish we were!

Jon said...

Congrats on a successful move! I guess I should pay better attention when my friends move, so I'm not so surprised to read about it after the fact.