Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So we had our ultrasound Monday, but the tech had only been doing this for 3 months. The baby's arms were covering its face, and she kept poking the wand into my gut and wiggling it around trying to get the baby to shift. At the end of our two hour (oof) ultrasound, that poor baby had her face buried in my uterus, and both arms thrown high over her head. Perhaps she enjoyed the ultrasound just as little as I did?

At any rate, this technician said it's a girl. And I didn't see anything to suggest otherwise. booties, anyone? :o) That being said, I still have a sneaking suspicion this might be a boy. So looks like nursery colors will be green and blue and yellow, as planned. Maybe some maroon thrown in, once we get a little closer (or past) to the birth day!

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