Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 7, 2014

I went to bed with a head cold and woke up at 2:00 with a boy kicking my head.  It was not a perky morning around here for anyone!

My sister is a darling and answered my Facebook whining for a yuja cha delivery- yuzu is sliced and preserved in honey, a lot like a marmalade.  She introduced it to me after her Korean mission companion introduced it to her in Hong Kong.  My new induction stove is so fast I can have a small pot of boiling water in the time it takes to get a mug and spoon and scoop some of the jammy citrus into my cup.  Delightful!

The kids spent the morning playing board games- Monopoly is math, right?  They were pretty pleased to find the packing box full of board games Sunday night.  

We got Mimi's school work done quickly, and Ernie finished her math in record time.  

I made a nice lunch today, just to do something nice for the kids.  Rice balls (onigiri), meatballs, waxed cheeses, and heart-cut carrots simmered in fish stock (dashi.). I made myself a rice ball with pickled plum paste (umeboshi) in the center just to try a traditional combination- it's very good!

Ernie finished up her work and after the kids cleaned the playroom they had the rest of the afternoon to themselves. I taught one piano lesson and made a pot of miso soup for dinner, with carrots, spinach, and udon noodles.

J found out about a monthly open mic night in town- he went tonight and had a blast.  He was a good twenty years younger than the rest of the tight-knit group, but they were supportive and delightful and he hopes to go back in November!

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