Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

I can only do a few things each day.  This is a hard lesson to learn!

Today is the day we are in charge of dinner at the women's shelter- with the weekend swallowed up with other activities, grocery shopping took up our morning.  Lunch and preparing the dinner took up the afternoon, and then since 2:30 seemed like a rotten time to start school I spent about two hours doing house tasks I haven't had time for- hanging some pictures, cleaning my shower, teaching the girls how to dust mop, installing hooks in the broom closet, just all those little things that take time.  The kids have been enjoying a rare 70 degree October day with bikes and board games.  It will be two months before we are in charge of this meal again, hopefully next time I will get my shopping done over the weekend!  

We left to drop off the meal as soon as J got home from work.  With our own portion in the crockpot, waiting and hot when we got home, and a big salad it was a nice meal.

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