Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 14, 2014

Today the girls had their piano lessons and spent the morning coloring and playing mother may I.  Since I had a bit of work to do, that sounded just fine!  We got our school work done and did our mid-section review.  

Ernie covers more and more in each section, especially in math and science, and it's getting harder to keep everything straight in her head.  The last science section covered the five kingdoms of the natural world, and got into each.  This section we are looking at vertebrates, invertebrates, ecosystems, food and energy webs, and biomes.  So far.  Math we are covering the properties of multiplication and mental multiplication of double-digit and single-digit factors.  Reading, we are still working through Robinson Crusoe, and in history we've gotten through the Spartans.  Composition we have covered I think seven types of planning webs.  She also has poetry and art, plus spelling, grammar, and phonics workbooks as well as occasional technology lessons and social studies.  

Mimi is still in the delightful "I have 3 apples and get 2 more" stage of math that just begs for games and fun things.  She is doing awesome in her reading, tearing through chapter books, and loves all her school lessons.

J with his running partner- jogging strollers are awesome!

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