Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 28, 2014

Praise everything, all three kids slept all night !  It's been at least a week since that happened, we all feel so much happier today.

I taught one student I the early morning- she is probably not coming back next year I think she gave up trying years ago. We had a good lesson, she is making progress on her songs right now.  The kids and I cleaned up the playroom and our house cleaner came around 9:00.  She brings her little daughter who is the same age as Cocoa.  She doesn't speak a bit of English but she and the kids get along famously.  

I made lunch for us all- jam sandwiches and cucumber slices for the kids and a mint chocolate chip yogurt for the kids.  (Yogurt with mint and spinach for color, a bit of sugar, blend it, then throw in a few chocolate chips.  Yum!). I took the rest of a cucumber-tomato-onion salad and whizzed it in the blender into a gazpacho type of soup for me.  Leftover tzatziki sauce drizzled on top made it extra delicious :)

Cocoa went down for a nap and I sat down with Ernie to finish her math for the week while Mimi played Littlest Pet Shop and practiced her reading.  I found lots of reader e-books at the library website and loaded them into my Kindle for her.  I am assigning points to books this summer and the kids can earn prizes by the points they get.  Ernie is reading The Ordinary Princess today and will probably finish it tonight. (That's a grade 6.5 book.). I am going to steer them towards classics this summer to help them break out of an unchallenging book rut.

Math took approximately 3 hours to complete 12 problems.... Oy.  We cut loose and put together a pan of French toast to bake later on for dinner and the kids scattered to play and read.

The baked French toast turned out amazing, not surprising considering it was kind of creme brûlée made with old bread, and I served bacon and cantaloupe on the side.  Go figure, the kids practically licked their plates!

My aunt came to discuss the next stage of planning our kitchen remodel- she and my uncle have been amazing to work with.  We have most decisions made now, we need to pick a sink and faucet and then pack up about half the house.  Whee!!

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