Monday, October 7, 2013

A Clean Fall Day

Clean kitchen.

clean kitchen

Kind of clean testing area

E doing her test

We're transitioning into Fall, and I am still going through and re-arranging furniture, donating, selling, sweeping, and occasionally throwing temper tantrums about piles of laundry that get kicked around instead of being put in a drawer.

I moved a big kitchen cart out of our small kitchen (it's 10'x10'- the textbook definition of "small kitchen" when you're looking for design inspiration.)  Having that extra six square feet of floor space is SO WORTH losing 6 square feet of counter space that was normally full of mail and confiscated toys.

Ernie did great on her first test of the year (we test every twenty lessons) and I'm really pleased with the curriculum this year.  She's doing great, there are lots of amazing stories, and it's all just clicking so beautifully for her.  She's growing up fast, and I'm just trying to keep up!


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