Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sushi Night

I don't remember exactly why I had no dinner plans (it probably involved me spending my cooking time making the monthly dinner for the local women's shelter, and my LACK OF PLANNING that resulted in just enough food for them and none for us.)  Besides that, we love sushi and my kids just light up when you mention the word "Car."

Sushi, potstickers, seaweed salad, and some chopsticks and we were a very happy fivesome.  Ernie favors the little cappellini roe pieces, Cocoa goes for potstickers, Mimi like cucumber rolls and the egg maki, and Wonder Daddy just likes it all.  Deep fried, preferably.  My favorites are the salted mackerel and the boiled shrimp.


Mags said...

I love the eel!

J. said...

yum. One of my favorite foods ever!