Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kids Made This: Fairy Village

Fairy fixation this week culminated in a late night run to the craft store for some bits and bobs for a fairy village.  We all painted our houses (and decorated) last night, and gave them a final coat of spray varnish this morning before setting up our village.

Going to the backyard, Mimi thoughtfully said "I don't know if fairies are real, but I HOPE they live in our houses!"

Mimi, modeling her fairy house.  Guess who's going to be trouble in a few years?  The girls coated their houses in flat-back plastic jewels left over from Mimi's birthday party.  We stuck them on with glue dots.

Those shorts go in the give-away box tonight.  Yikes.

Cocoa declined modeling his house: he chose to display his "logurt"

Setting up the village

Daddy's house in front, Cocoa's in back, hung on some branch snags above the village for those fairies that prefer to sleep off the ground.
fairy village

Ernie's red-roofed house, and my leaf-covered house.  Notice the jars of "fairy dust" to help entice the fairies to come and stay, and replenish their stores.  Inside Ernie's house, you can just barely see a little wooden spool for the fairy to sit on.
fairy village

fairy village

Most of these supplies were already on hand- we spent about $10 at the craft store for the wooden supplies and varnish.

I look forward to adding to this village- already the girls have made a dance floor of leaves around Mimi's purple-roofed house.


4" bird houses ($1 each)
craft paint
plastic jewels
glue dots
silk leaves
spray on varnish
wooden spools

Flower Pots
1" wooden  flower pots
silk flowers

Fairy Dust Jars
small jam jars

flat marbles

doll house fencing


J. said...

I love this! I wish I could live there.

Elizabeth said...

I feel so - sniff, sniff - nostalgic as I use to do this with my children. They are now teens...but it seems only yesterday that we built fairy houses and all sorts of fun stuff. Your little village looks adorable!