Friday, August 2, 2013

Happies This Week (and some of my Recordings)

Frozen yogurt with Ernie, after seeing my brother Bear in a production of Little Women.  (He was Professor Bhaer.  Is that not PERFECT?  He was perfect.  The show was incredible, and if you're not doing anything this weekend hit me up for info.  Ernie and I loved it!)

I think Red Mango is my new favorite "fro-yo" spot.  It's not as sweet, and the fruit is yummy!  On a side note, I have proved myself incabable of serving a decent amount of fro-yo on multiple occasions.  I should feel bad about that, but it's SO GOOD.  That's peach and coconut frozen yogurts, with popping boba, mochi, raspberries, and mangoes.  I went back last night and had....well, just about the same thing.  It's a problem.

That little speck on the other side of the street is Ernie, with a walkie-talkie and a sewing kit in her basket, on her way to a sewing class.  

I got tired of squabbles over seats at the table, so I wrote the girls' names in sparkly gold ink and tacked them to the wall.  A piece of double-sided tape and some glitter sealed the deal: They will sit by these tags until the end of time.

With no out-of-town guests, the gym is closed, and no piano or school to teach...I am slowly dismantling our home and re-assembling it.  I made a goal of getting rid of half our stuff by the end of summer.  I might not make it to half, but I DID empty out all our clothes and kitchen things and only keep what we use.  An organized pantry is a happy thing!  That curtain was from my Grandma- she found it at at thrift store and couldn't leave it behind.  All that blue is cross stitched by hand!  The pretty little table cloth doesn't fit any of our tables, and it has a small hole, but it makes a beautiful alternative to closet doors we had before.  Bonus, no pinched fingers!

Baked donuts.  My donut pans have redeemed themselves, these are KILLER.  Subbed sour milk and some coconut oil for the sour cream, and used orange extract instead of lemon in the glaze.

Mandala coloring pages.  My girls are wild about coloring, the more finicky the picture the better.

Cocoa's toes are an endless source of joy for me.  Plus, when he's happy, they twiddle together.  It's adorable.

I ordered myself a new music book last week- I can't think of a better way to spend $12 of "fun money"!

I messed around with a few of the songs last week-

All the Way Down




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