Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27,2013

-Cartoons and breakfast
-Grocery store for milk, because Cocoa lives on peanut butter and "loklit miwk". (Chocolate milk).  Also bought produce, eggs, and our school supplies for the year.  If I don't stock up on notebooks, glue pens, and kid scissors we all get very sad when we run out!
-  Fish hatchery while we waited for our library to open
-Library to get the kids' "finished my summer reading chart" prizes.  This year it was tote bags for each of them.  I have them three minutes to find books before we had to leave.  Cocoa and Mimi found two each, and Ernie cleared off the Magic Treehouse shelf.
- Swim lessons at the YMCA.  I still can't believe that before this summer Ernie was terrified of putting her head under water, and now she swims half the length of the pool before surfacing for air.  I guess swimming underwater is way easier than staying on the surface!
- Home for lunch.  While we're still pulling out of the Y parking lot, Cocoa started asking for peanut butter.  They all had two pieces of bread with jam, two glasses of milk, two pieces of cheese, and a spoonful of peanut butter.  Who needs veggies?
-Cocoa took his nap and Ernie and I worked through her school work for the day.  Mimi played with math rods, did an art project, worked on a letter game on my iPad, and played downstairs.  Busy two hours for her, even though she's rolling around right now saying how she didn't get to do anything today!
- Got both girls through their computer checkpoints that finish their lessons and record their attendance.
-Cut up a lot of stuff and threw it in the oven.  I'm going to say it's ratatouille, Mark Bittman's style.  Cherry tomatoes are mine, aren't they pretty?

Now all we need to do is have dinner and bedtime, and wait for Daddy to get home!

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J. said...

Yum. I sorely need to do some shopping!