Friday, February 15, 2013

February Blahs and a Park Day

A letter sent to my sister today.

1)  I love
2) We had sun today for the first time since I can remember.  NOT sun breaks, actual blue skies.  All afternoon.
3)  I ate too many cookies today.

To my sister:
Just ordered Chalice, Beauty, Rosedaughter, and Gluten-Free Girl's first book.  Less than $20.

And then went and used a $40 gift certificate that Rae gave me and ordered a sewing book and some embroidery patterns.

Spent alllllll afternoon at the park.  WOOT!  And, my cookies are really, really good.  (1 c. PB, 1 c. sugar, 1 egg, 1 tsp vanilla.  Mix it all up, bake 10 minutes at 350 on a silpat.  Don't forget to smash them with a fork :)  I used my smallest scoop.  I highly suggest scooping a huge amount of my raspberry jam on top and then shoving it in your face.

We're going to survive February.  Aren't we?

Mimi saw a plane on the way to the park.
She sees a plane!!



We spent our morning at the co-op- Mimi started a "My Gym" class today with lots of tumbling and stretching and dancing with ribbons.  Ernie started a writing workshop- lots of stories and thinking like a writer.  Ernie also takes a Science/Art class (study the diaphragm and lungs and then build a model, etc.).  We LOVE our co-op!

Home for lunch and Cocoa's nap, and I pushed the girls out the door to enjoy the sunshine.  We ended up at the park, and Daddy (home sick with a flu/cough) drove Cocoa over when he got up from his nap.  Came home for some painting time for the kids and pizza-making time for me (and nap time for Daddy.)

 I have a favorite crust for the weekly pizza night (makes a super soft, un-chewy, crust) but the last few weeks I've been using socca as my pizza.  Oh my goodness is it good- just chickpea flour and water with some olive oil and salt, cooked like a pancake in a super hot, oiled, pan.  I threw in some garlic and dried basil tonight, in honor of pizza night, but topped it with leftover chicken mushroom curry (and some cotija) from last night's dinner.  I was a happy girl tonight.  The chickpea flour was easy to get- I just ground up a bag of garbanzo beans in the grain mill.  Thank you Bobbi for the recipe!  You've saved my pizza nights :o)

The kids took baths after dinner (much to their chagrin- Friday is supposed to be pizza and movie night.  They NEEDED baths.)

I finally snapped a picture of a sleeping Cocoa this week.  The girls go to bed around 8, but he doesn't get ready for bed till 9 or so.  In the past month, his crib has gotten pretty full- there's the soft baby blanket from Nana, and then the enormous duck he likes to sleep on from Nana Great.  The hot rice bag on his feet, and a little soft blanket square in his hand from Mama Papaya, and his stinky frog (a Scentsy Buddy) from Nana Great in his other.  Then two star-casting light up animals, one from Santa and the other from Uncle Bear.  THEN you kiss his nose goodnight and leave.  He loves it in there.  I wish he'd STAY in there at night, but I'm glad bed time (and nap time) is so easy!

Coren, all snugled in for bed

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Alexandra said...

Wow, the kiddos have really grown! They are all so sweet. :)