Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nativity Festival

Every year a neighboring stake puts on a festival of the nativities. The entire church building is transformed- dozens of Christmas trees, hundreds of nativities on loan from local members, a room full of paintings of Christ, a room full of "children's" nativities, a photo room where your family can dress up as characters in the nativity and have a portrait taken, a room just for kids with coloring and books and toy nativities.

The festival goes four days, with live music in the evenings and half the day on Sunday. Of course, that was today. Nine different musical performances today, not including a capstone children's choir, and I was in four of them! Oofda, my book bag was heavy today :). My family sang Christmas carols, and I accompanied three other singers throughout the day. (Each musician was scheduled for a half hour slot.). A long day, a tiring day, but what an amazing day!

I love seeing the nativities from all over the world. I snapped pictures of some of my favorites. Really I was taking a lot of photos of my favorite Mary figurines.


J. said...

Love that last one especially. I have a few from different parts that I've loaned out for our stakes creche display. I love seeing the nativities from all over the world.

Teresa said...

I have never been to one of these....strange to of these years I need to make a point and go.
Thanks for sharing