Saturday, December 1, 2012


Someone turned... Older :). Woot! Another year in the bag.

We met Daddy at a Chinese (Hong Kong comfort food) restaurant- yum! Deep fried tofu, beef and tendon soup with wide slippery rice noodles, and honey walnut prawns. (Deep fried and doused in a honey mayonnaise sauce? Yes please.).

Oddly enough, we recognized the family at the table next to us.... Since it was my sister's family! Twins. Geez. (Oh yes. Happy birthday Aunt LoLo!)

After dinner we went on our yearly trip through the city's public gardens, all lit up for the Holidays. Absolutely gorgeous!

Our chosen restaurant had an attached bakery, so a Swiss roll cake made its way home with us to celebrate. (A moment to reflect on my hands in that photo. I have earned those hands!!). Also, Ernie. Ernie is really into singing that Happy Birthday song.

I was absolutely spoiled with gifts- I'm a lucky girl. I'm also a very happy girl, because my husband bought me an electric blanket and a sunlight replacement lamp. It's like going to the beach... With out the swim suit :). If you've thought about getting a "happy light" do it! Seriously. Awesome.


What I Did Today said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds and looks like you had a great day. Did you and Aunt LoLo plan to go to dinner at the same place? Or was it a happy accident?

Franzine Kafka said...

Sounds like a fun birthday!

Franzine Kafka said...

Sounds like a fun birthday!

Bobbi Lewin said...

Happy belated birthday:)