Thursday, August 30, 2012

Las Flores Amarillos

Pinterest is pretty handy, you know? My husband's cousin is getting married in October, and I'd noticed a few pretty necklaces pinned to her wedding-wishes boards. Umm... I make jewelry. We've just met, and this kind of crazy, but let me make necklaces for all of your bridesmaids maybe? ( I love making jewelry, and I love giving gifts, and I LOVE when people actually use their gifts! This is an amazing coup for me.).

(Seriously, until the family reunion this summer, I hadn't seen her in nearly 9 years.)

Happy brides are the best to work with- I start by getting an idea of what they are wanting, then I do my own research to find similar styles and suppliers for the parts. I design something that keeps the original idea, but it's always a bit different (of course, right?). And because I work with happy brides, they LOVE! EVERY! THING! So very fun.

Here is what I've designed for Miss Jessica- I love the lacy setting I found for the flower, and this length (18 inches, or "Princess") is my absolute favorite. I think hitting right on the collar bone is so flattering on ladies.


Mags said...

It is very pretty.

Angela Noelle said...


Pinterest IS handy! It strikes again!

What I Did Today said...

I love the jewelry that you make. Absolutely stunning.