Thursday, August 9, 2012


You, son, are banished to the deck for the rest of your meals this summer. Enjoy the quinoa! I know the squirrels, blue jays, robins, and finches thank you.

Mama is tired of sweeping six times a day.



Bobbi Lewin said...

If it wasn't so darn hot here, I would be making everyone take all of their meals outside! I'm not accustomed to the incredible messes that have been appearing in my home:)

Alexandra said...

It never ends, doesn't it. I think I've lost count of sweeping! ;) My daughter loves crafts, especially with scissors and paper, so there is always little pieces of paper and what-not on the floor. Then there are the crazy experiments and stuff she drags in from out side! She is a natural unschooler, even if we don't unschool.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a maid! We had one in South America. They are very inexpensive and most people have live-in maids for security.