Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To the Farm

I am exhausted.  Photos of our day!  We spent the morning doing school, and visited a bloggy friend's farm in the afternoon, and then drove up to see my grandpa for dinner.

Cocoa and his new favorite cup.  (Thanks, Mom!)


Baby goat and mama...I felt a curious kinship with this ever-patient mama goat!  This little one is a week old.

The girls in the "maze."  It will be a bit trickier once those plants grow up!

Chicks in the bathroom- they just arrived this morning!


Me and my grandpa!


Grandpa and the girls.  Someone taught Mims to yell "cheesecake!" at every photo.  The "cake" portion of that makes for some amazing Mimi Faces.

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What I Did Today said...

How fun to visit with blogging friends. I'm going to have to make some Rexburg blog friends. That would be a fun way to make new aquaintances. Love the cheesecake face! And what a blast to have chicks! Those were some of my good memories when I was growing up. The butchering part was definitely NOT.