Saturday, May 5, 2012


I sang with a group of ladies at a women's conference this morning.  You WILL hear more about the conference, because I heard some amazing things.

But I'm just sitting here, thinking, watching my Cocoa toddle around the room and sing to himself.  Gosh, I'm a lucky girl.

Thursday night some girlfriends came over- we (this includes Aunt LoLo) try and get together once a month.  Seeing those girls is always just what my heart needs- we laugh too loud, we eat too much, we say more than is ever appropriate, and we walk away healed of the little things that have been hurting us every day.

We're closer now than we ever were in high school, and I think that's what amazes me.  We're all so different from each other, but still so similar.  We all follow different religions and have different families right now.  Two of us have little kids, one has a long-term relationship, one lives by herself.  (And let me tell you, her apartment makes me the heart of a cool little neighborhood in the city, white furniture, rice paper lanterns, a china hutch full of Grandma's dishes, a balcony full of organic veggie pots.  It's perfect.)

The past year we've come through the death of a father, the death of a dog, a miscarriage, unemployment, and ovarian cyst surgery.  We've eaten our weights in chocolate cake.  We've cried together a lot.  Inside me, the little girl I used to be is just shaking her head in wonder that I have these girls to love.

Girls Night Jan 2011

Girls Night Jan 2011

(Next month, I am pulling out the camera!  These were taken January of 2011- we've been getting together since Fall of 2010.)


Teresa said...

Beautiful women- it's wonderful to have great friends.
Happy day

What I Did Today said...

How fun would that be! What a blessing! :)