Thursday, December 9, 2010

Somebody Make Her Stop

We can all agree that I have an amazing sister. Right?

Someone has got to stop her.

Monday night, we pooled our parental capacities and took the four kids to the local "garden of lights." We figured 3 adults would be a match for 4 kids. (Uncle LoLo couldn't make it.)

At the end of the garden's path, we found a paved trail that would take us back to our parking lot at an adjacent building, bypassing the crowded, narrow shoulder of the road we'd pushed the strollers up on our way into the park. Score! Plus, at the end of the trail was an enormous astro-turf field. Wonder Daddy turned the kids loose, hoping to let out some energy before we took them home for bed. Aunt LoLo (who had been tucking her daughter back INTO bed until at least 10:30 the previous nights) shouted out "If she falls asleep by 8:45 you get brownies!"

My man is a man who loves brownies.

He ran those kids ragged, up, down, and AROUND the field.

Wednesday, we had brownies on our kitchen counter.

Oh, and Wednesday night I had a house full of teen girls helping me make 4 batches of sugar cookies for a church party. I made the other 4 batches we needed on Thursday morning, and Aunt LoLo came and helped make one last batch for our own cookie jar.

And then Thursday night was the Christmas Recital for our combined piano studios- Aunt LoLo brought a loaf of pumpkin bread (1 of 24 loaves she made Tuesday), and a platter of chocolate crinkle cookies.


Aunt LoLo must be stopped.
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Aunt LoLo said...

HAHAHAHAHA. Well, if it's any consolation, I think my holiday baking is over. ;-) And WOMAN you need to eat that pretzel thing. The treble clef is made of caramel and if it is still on your counter next time I'm at your house, it's MINE. I already ate mine..and Lo Gung's. *erp*

Ticia said...

That is dangerous.

Elizabeth said...

HaHa! That's awesome and very funny! Do you have your tree up? Are you going to take pictures of it?

All that baking you've been doing is making me hungry. I made banana/pumpkin bread. It was delish! I wish all these goodies had no calories!

How is the baby coming? And the Mama?

Alexandra said...

LOL. Yahh for daddy. My husband does the same on his off days. It's good for at least 48 hours, then they need a round of daddy-cise again. He has had to work OT these past three days and the kiddos are beginning to go up the walls, or at least the little one.

Feed that baby...he/she wants some more treats. Hee,hee.

Su said...

Fantastic! If someone kept feeding me, I would stop them tooo..... not.
That's like a dream. The baking elf!
Good of Aunt LoLo to make sure that a pregnant lady has ample baked goods. It's very important, you know

Bobbi Lewin said...

Yummy! I need to get baking!

Sara said...

Haha, that's awesome. I haven't even started on my baking yet. Yum! Not that I need the extra flab...

tom | tall clover farm said...

Everyone needs an Aunt LoLo, baking is the kitchen form of love. Pass the cookies!

What I Did Today said...

That is hilarious! If I lived closer I'd definitely help you out. :) We are going to the garden of lights tonight (love the pic of the kids with glowing faces), rain be hanged!