Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A List

A really sweet decoration for Baby Boy's room, from his Nana Great. (That's not my arm holding it up. FYI.)

1. I'm 35 weeks pregnant. No, I am NOT ready. But I have cleaned out all the pink blankets, and am excited to start using the adorable, cozy BOY blankets sweet people have given us!

2. I am nesting. In reverse. I am currently in the process of filling the trunk of our Honda Pilot with stuff to drop off at Goodwill (well, the DI trailer, actually.)

3. In the process of this nesting, I filled our garbage can and most of our recycle bin the day BEFORE Christmas. Yes, yes- my husband was pleased about that. Luckily, in all our Christmas wanderings we've found empty bins for most of our extra bags of trash.

4. I can no longer sleep comfortably in my bed, which means I'm on the couch, which means I'm sad. I slept in a chair with Mimi in my arms for about 3 months when she was born- if I need to do that again, I didn't want to add MORE time away from my hubby on the front end!

5. Christmas was spectacular. So much family, so much food! I was spoiled rotten this year- my library grew by 7 fantastic books, I am the delighted owner of a 20-cup rice cooker (so I can stop begging my sister to bring rice when I cook curry for family meals), and I have so much chocolate...so much chocolate. Oh, and cookie scoops. I love cookie scoops! (I'm not going to list everything I got, because that would be tacky, right? So..if I didn't list your present, I love it very, very much. I'll tell you so in the thank you note that I'm going to write.)

6. My husband is home for the week, and working on projects. My room (that I no longer sleep in) is currently torn into tiny pieces, as he prepares to paint the walls. Among other projects. Help.

7. I watched "Princess and the Frog" this morning with the girls. I want to know why that movie is rated G? Adorable...but a little intense for the young crowd. Yeah?

8. Every time I feel ill, I'm afraid I'm going into labor, because that's how my last labor started. My husband didn't even know that, he was asleep- I was scared I wouldn't be able to wake him up in the few minutes I had between being sick!

9. If you're going to host Christmas Eve dinner, make lots and lots of food. Leftovers are delicious. Especially baked brie topped with last year's meyer lemon marmalade. It's not bad that I eat the rind, is it??

10. I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend, and enjoy this season!
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Ticia said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I saw the pictures over on your family blog and loved the shot of you.

And rice cookers are FABULOUS!

And I agree the Princess and the Frog was very intense for little guys, my kids can handle most every kid movie and they had a hard time with it.

Aunt LoLo said...

It will be a while before Ming Wai jumps on the Princess/Frog bandwagon.....

Love that little signage for the little guy's room!!

Anonymous said...

That princess and frog movie is creepy. All that voodoo... no thank you!

And you are almost to the finish line now. One of these times you WILL be going into labor. How exciting!

What I Did Today said...

Great list! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Sorry you're on the sofa though. I didn't know you are having a boy! I hope my next pregnancy is of the male variety too! Such cute decor you've got there!

Elizabeth said...

Myrnie, Boy, You sure are industrious for how pregnant you are. when I was very large with child, I always felt like I'd swallowed a boulder and continually had heartburn and could't Mughal. I couldn't get a lot accomplished. I felt like a giant marshmallow. You are so mobile -wow. I hope that you get everything done that you want to do before the baby gets here.

did you say that younthrow up when you are in labor????

I wish you sweet dreams and much rest, even if you are on the couch (I slept in an easy chair for the last 3 months of my first pregnancy, because I was so huge and uncomfortable)' and a settled tummy, and lots of energy until all you tasks are done.

Happy New Year!

Su said...

Happy New Year, Myrnie. I love the list. I love the you were spoilt with lots of gifts for xmas

Alexandra said...

We had a nice Christmas with family as well. My SIL and BIL moved to our area about six months ago, and my MIL came to visit. It was nice to have family around for a change.

I'm purging as well. I've filled up the trunk for Goodwill three times so far! We cleaned out closets, and eliminated some outgrown toys and books. I feel much more organized.

I'm sending you prayers for a good delivery...lifting you up. A little tummy pat for the baby as well. :)