Thursday, December 30, 2010


Isn't that a lot of crows?? Gracious! They were having a blast poking around in our straw mulch- looking for bugs or finding nest materials, I'm not certain! I love seeing these flocks of crows in the spring time, though- lots of fluffed-up, ridiculous, adolescent birds with a chip on their shoulder. They sqauwk and preen and fight for the best spot on the roofs and lawns.

I've been promising Ernie ALL YEAR LONG that at Christmas time, we would decorate gingerbread boys. Christmas time came, and I couldn't face making an entire batch of sticky gingerbread dough, and fussily decorating an army of boys and girls. Luckily, our grocery store bakery was selling individual gingerbread boys with a handful of assorted loose sprinkles. PERFECT!! I gave the girls a bowl of honey, and a chop stick each, and let them go to down decorating their little men. Ernie carefully covered every feature of her cookie- eyes, smile, buttons, outline- before eating it. Mimi ate all her sprinkles, ate all the honey, and left most of her boy behind. I think it's kind of a personality test, don't you?

I made these as part of an appetizer spread on Christmas Eve- I barely had time to grab one for myself before they were polished off! I made a triple batch for a guy-get-together to watch a holiday bowl husband was pretty pleased :) (And yes...we won. Bow down to Washington! Woof!)

After such a crazy wind up to Christmas, it's been lovely to have some quiet time this week! The girls and I went out grocery shopping yesterday, and it felt like a major accomplishment. (Well, grocerying and returning....because remember, I'm the ding-a-ling who bought all their Christmas clothes in the wrong sizes? The girls had fun using their store credits to pick out some presents for themselves though.) I can not WAIT to show you guys pictures of our master bedroom. It was a dingy swine color, and I didn't let it bug me too much because it's just paint, you know? Wonder Daddy pulled everything out of the room and spackled holes on Tuesday, spent Wednesday priming the walls and ceiling, and painted the ceiling and walls Thursday. Friday the outlets will get replaced (my vacuum plug won't even stay in the wall if someone bumps the cord, they're that loose!) and things get put back in. The ceiling is a bright white, and the walls are the most amazing grey-blue....very Pacific Ocean. Very dreamy and calm. Calm like nowhere else in our house is- we've worked at at building up kid-friendly energy in our house, and needed a Grown Up Getaway.

He's a genius at picking colors, and takes it seriously! We've had a growing collection of paint chips and paint samples taped and brushed on the bedroom walls for at least 2 years now. (The attached bathroom is going to be a pale lavendar, with white woodwork. Yum. That should get painted before he heads back to work next week too!)
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Ticia said...

Ooohhhh, sounds pretty.

I'm still waiting for that calm.

Teresa said...

Holy cow...tons of crows...we used to live in an area that had crows...every morning they would make so much noise it would wake us up.
Fun hearing about all your activities.
Have a wonderful day

Bobbi Lewin said...

I'm jealous of your crows and your paint! I've been staring at these ugly beige walls of mine, really wishing I had painted them green in the fall like I had intended to. I'm going to have to just do it, paint smell or not!

Aunt LoLo said...

Love. :-)

Oh, and @ Bobbi Lewin - go with a low VOC paint, and you should be good to go! In a fit of nesting, I had my husband paint accent walls in every room in our house two winters ago. Preggers, shut windows...and no problems. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Myrnie - Happy New Year! What are those yummy things you made...little rolled up tacos? I can't tell. Congrats on the newly painted Master Bedroom. What color is it? I'd love to see it.

How are you feeling? What's the countdown?

Su said...

Ooooh, can't wait to see the walls.
My girls didn't get to decorate gingerbread men, but my husband bought a gingerbread House for them to decorate. Remind me never to send my husband to go shopping. He spends money without thinking just because it's at the grocery store.
But I must say, the kids had a blast, so I did not make a fuss.