Saturday, September 27, 2008

Here we go!

Well now I've really gone and done it. My family knows I've been hemming and hawing over starting an Etsy shop for the last month or two. It sounds like a lot of fun once you get the logistics worked out -- How much to charge for shipping? What address do I use as the return address? Is it worth it to get a PO box to protect my family's anonymity?

BUT...the chance came up this week to pick up a booth at a local holiday bazaar, and I said yes! I'll be sharing a booth with a gal from church- she'll have her Mary Kay wares set up next to my....?? What am I going to sell? This is where you guys come in. I have a list a mile long of what I could take with me, but what do people want to see at a holiday bazaar? Anything that doesn't sell that day will go into the Etsy shop.

The way I see it, I have a few different "lines."
  • There's baby-- wraps, minky wash cloths, diaper envelopes, hair bows and headbands.
  • Kids- pencil roll-ups, tutus, tiaras, wands, crayon muffins, aprons.
  • Home- grocery sack catcher, laundry soap, dish powder, embroidered tea towels, etched Pyrex and glass.
  • Then just nice things- cards, embossed velvet scarves and Christmas stockings, embroidered hankerchiefs, beaded necklaces and bracelets.

So, leave your comments and help a deluded Momma out! Has anyone done a craft fair before? Any pointers? Anything sell particularly well? It's being held in a green-minded, family friendly, upward-mobile, and semi-affluent community. And I have seven weeks to get ready. (And yes, I'll be poring over all your blogs for display ideas, etc. You've been warned.)


Aunt LoLo said...

Definitely take the Christmas'll be November!

I'd take the kids stuff, too...

And a few jars of your dish powder...

and maybe one or two of everything else. ;-) Remember, not everything has to be on the table!! Put sample of your wares out, and replenish the display as necessary!

Penny said...

I've never done a craft fair before but I think any and all those ideas would be great!

Casey said...

I bet you'll do great. I think anything small and stocking stuffer size would be good. :)

Anonymous said...

So, so excited to see what you come up with.

Speaking of which, um HUGE thank you Mama! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I am planning a little photo shoot thank you post shortly.

A very non crafty Carrie

Anna said...

I vote for baby stuff! and agree on the Christmas stockings, perfect time of year for selling them.

No-L said...

Out of the given list here is what I would buy at a holiday bizaar

wraps, embroidered towels ,etched glass,embossed velvet scarves and Christmas stockings, embroidered hankerchiefs, beaded necklaces and bracelets.
I know people love jewelery and things that look like they weren't bought in a store. I'm sure what ever you make will sell like hot cakes. Good luck!!

Rae said...

Oh I have no idea actually...I know nothing about craft bazaars... but I do remember seeing a post on The Small Object (look under "Steno") on how to do the whole craft fair scene. It was really well written as I recall.

The baby pants wash up great -- the knit is a sort of stretchy knit (like a thick t-shirt) so they're really washable. Sorry I know I'm responding to a comment you left ages ago but I feel like time is just leaving me in the dust lately.

Good luck with your crafting!!

Simone said...

Just finished a street fair that was just, fair. My suggestion is to have a good mix of high end and cheaper items. Something to catch the attention of the kids ("Mommy, I just have to have this") for those on a limited budget who will splurge on the kids, and something for the grown-ups looking for nice gifts for their loved ones. Also, you could use either Flickr or Etsy for a preview of things you are selling. Send the link to anyone you think might attend the fair to entice them to come.

Tammy said...

Hi, I am Max's husbands cousin... I check your blog for crafty ideas every so often... and have just finished making the tiara you made a while back for a gift... (I think). You should totally include those and the tutu's they are adorable.