Monday, March 17, 2008


I wonder...what did you buy last time you were at Costco? Our Bishop recently re-warned us against over spending, and the First Presidency has sent out a letter regarding debt. (If you haven't heard it over the pulpit yet, you will soon.) Part of our Bishop's remarks focused on two "Syndromes": The Fry's Syndrome and the Costco Syndrome.

Fry's Syndrome: Going out to purchase something, and trading up to something more expensive and "Better". More features? More power? It must be better! (Never mind the fact he spent $60 extra on a DVD player that can RECORD, and still hasn't learned how to set the clock, let alone record anything.) Ask yourself: Is a smaller item sufficient for my needs?

Costco Syndrome: Purchasing things you never knew you needed until you saw it on the shelf.

We go to Costco to save money on our milk, eggs, bread, and cheese. We leave with deck furniture, baby clothes, and imported Swiss and mangoes. Huh?

Today I went to Costco and bought:
Corned Beef
10 pounds of red potatoes
Cheddar cheese
Non-fat milk
Tikka Masala sauce
Honey Nut cheerios

What did YOU buy at Costco last time you were there? Did you plan to buy all of it? Is it a problem in your house, or are you completely within budget?


Arwyn said...

I buy four things every time I go to Costco: tuna fish, steak, yogurt, and fruit.

It all gets eaten.


Fry's, on the other hand, is a little more difficult for some of us. ;)

Ben & Casey said...

I wasn't impressed with Costco's Tikka Masala sauce. You'll have to let me know what you think.

Costco has sucked us in several times too: dried apricots, frozen cookie dough, yakisoba noodles, graham crackers... all in really mega-sized containers of course. :)

No to mention a Costco blender that a certain husband of mine has been drooling over.