Thursday, March 6, 2008

Are we really moving?

It still hasn't hit me that we are actually moving. Watching the yard sign being installed this afternoon almost did it, though. Can anyone tell me why they put it in the middle of my lawn, rather than in the bark? I hope grass seed sprouts quick in March, because my lawn looks pretty bad right now!

It's so odd to live in a staged and partially packed house. Our real estate agent is incredible, and tireless. Ruthless too- all of our hand soap is hidden, toys are hidden, and counter tops are off limits for anything besides her approved decorations of faux fruit, pottery, and wicker baskets of all shapes. I've loved our time in this house, but it doesn't feel like ours any more. Hope it sells quickly! We're ready to go to the "Big House" (Ernie's name for our new house- actually she just puts her hands about a foot apart. It's "big.")

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