Friday, March 28, 2008

And she eats!

It seems that my life revolves around food these days. Eating, planning the next meal, getting full, getting hungry (about 15 minutes apart sometimes), coordinating leftovers into something my family can accept with good grace... so on that note, here are some recent shots of what we've been eating around here.

This following photo is Ernie eating an Otis Spunkmeyer cookie. If you could have seen a "before" shot, they're gorgeous- huge, round, light brown, and speckled with huge chocolate chips. They smell heavenly, and taste like corn syrup. Can you tell I purchased the dough just for those occasions when I have 20 minutes to get the house ready to show, and need it to smell nice (or nicer than last night's onion and garlic curry.) Ernie heartily approves though.
This next one is a snack I read about last night- basically, it's balls of rice, salted and wrapped in strips of dried seaweed (nori.) You can put a dab of filling inside, but I didn't- I think they'd be better if I had. They need some sort of chewiness, although the super crisp nori is great when you first put it on. Can you tell I'm really into food texture right now? Ernie loved them, especially the nori. She ate all my scraps, and then peeled the seaweed off the balls of rice I gave her and ate that, too! I think they're cute, like little tuxedo dumplings.

Ernie really likes the nori! Please ignore the dishes in the background- I say it doesn't count as a dirty kitchen if they're clean dishes!


Aunt LoLo said...

Where's the pictures! I want to see those tuxedo balls...and piles of clean dishes. ;-)

Thanks for keeping an eye on BBJ this week.

Lona said...

People should read this.