Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wii-ing All the Way

Uncle Fireball really, really, wants a Wii. He worked and saved and finally had the required funds...and couldn't find one. CAN'T find one. J and I were at Big-Box-Mart Friday morning, just to see if a shipment might have come in that morning. But, shipments don't come in until noon. And UPS doesn't deliver on the weekends. And a clerk had told J's mom previously that they would get just one more shipment before Christmas- Friday or Monday it would be, folks! So...Friday it was not. But a game store two doors down had started a Wii-Wait List that afternoon- sign your name, PAY YOUR CASH, and you would have a Wii in your possession by January 20th. Apparently they can promise this, even though they have no earthly idea when the next shipment might come in? Let's hope so, for Uncle Fireball's sake. He's number 3 on that list, and all Friday afternoon he'd chirp the store's name whenever the phone or doorbell rang. We're thinking maybe we'll put a phone next to his head early tomorrow morning and call him just to hear him say it one more time. For his sake, I really hope it comes tomorrow. For our sakes, too.

On the Ernie front, she finally hit her limit today. After being warned not to put a certain toy in her mouth and chew the rubber globe, she did it again and Daddy confiscated the precious toy until tomorrow morning. Oh my- kicking, screaming, arching back- she had it all. She came to me- I confirmed the confiscation's time limit. She went to her beloved Nana- nope, Daddy said no. She went sobbing into Nana's room, and tried to climb under the bed in her misery. A few minutes later she came out to confirm how MAD and completely distraught she was. I scooped up my flailing, wailing, bundle off the floor and carried her away to lay her on our bed to cry it out. Didn't work, but after about 15 minutes she decided that maybe reading a story, sniffling and occasionally laughing in my lap, would be an OK substitute for her beloved "eeyight" (light) toy. For the record, it's a rubber globe over a color-changing strobe light, on a flexible wand. It's a Disney park toy, and looks REALLY cool in the dark at their Electric Parade I'm sure. We really don't need that rubber globe getting chewed off and filling her mouth cavity. She also doesn't need to put found objects in her mouth, period. Right? I could hear J's mom in the other room explaining to her kids "See, all kids do this. It's part of being 2." And I might have imagined it, but I hope she said something about needing to stay firm, because for me sometimes it's hard to know which struggles to pick!

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