Thursday, December 20, 2007

We're Up In the Air!

After many more nights, we made it to Nana's house! It took 11 hours of driving to the airport, flying to Vegas, connecting to Pheonix, driving 2 hours...we're here! It's 5,000 feet elevation and 20% humidity and this sea-level, lots of rain, girl is feeling a little parched. Nana and Grandpa, and all J's siblings, are over-joyed to have Ernie here. We walked in and Nana handed her a candy cane and it's only gone up-hill from there.

Yesterday we did shopping and J and I visited with a childhood friend of mine and his wife. It's so amazing to realize that the last time I spent any large amount of time with him was 5th grade. Back then we went to church together, and caught the bus at the end of his driveway between the wheat fields in the country. It was a family of 4 boys, so my sister and I were his mother's adopted daughters, and her official daily hug. His wife is an AMAZING knitter- she even makes her own yarn sometimes. She's making an adorable set of mittens for Ernie, and she gave me a gift of a beautiful knitted washcloth. I promised her a fabric roll-up for her knitting needles, ruler, and other items she needs on hand to knit. Her home is amazing- felted cat beds, knitted rugs, afghans and quilts (a childhood hobby with her mother.) She was able to make all of her Christmas presents this year, except her husband's.

One last thing: Happy Birthday Mom!! We love you!Mom and Elizabeth

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