Friday, May 29, 2015

May 29, 2015

With the sun coming up earlier and my pillow next to a window, I suddenly find myself waking up at 6 or 7:30.  Pretty different from the 8 or 9 I usually see on my clock!

I've been looking for educational iPad apps for the summer months- so far I have C addicted to a learn-to-spell program, M is loving her new spelling app, and E is collecting states Ina geography app.  Not bad!  

I gave M her piano lesson this morning, loaded the dishwasher, got M through her last academic lesson and her test.  Our bubble tests for the annual state testing requirement arrived in yesterday's mail, the girls are pretty stoked to get started on those after lunch.  Funny kids.  Yay bubble tests!

12:51 Girls are almost done with language portions of their tests.  Mimi is looking a bit run down, but E thrives on these.

4:21 Draaaaaging.  Cut the testing off at 3:00, we will finish Monday.  Did an art project with the kids, and now they are downstairs trying to pick out a movie.    I finished off a dark chocolate bar and a pretty good-sized chunk of imported Brie.

9:45 I don't even know where this day went. It's possible I was abducted for part of it.  Oh wait- No, I was gone.  I practiced piano for a bit, texted with a very sick friend, ate chips and salsa for dinner, and left at 6:00 for my piano lesson.  I did the grocery shopping on my way home, got back at 8, and helped put the kids to bed.  I loaded the dishwasher, took care of all the animals, had a glass of juice, and here we are!

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