Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Sang for 1,000 People Last Week

Did I mention my resolutions and goals this year?  Probably not.  I really, really, REALLY wanted to sing on a stage.  An actual stage, with lights and microphone and someone or something great to accompany me.  A hard goal, considering I had to convince someone to give me that chance....and I only have one shot at a stage like that right now.  Our stake (a collection of 12 or 13 wards designated on a map) puts on a yearly Christmas show.  Auditions were back in September for the solo parts- this year, the solos were from Handel's Messiah.  I found out about the auditions 6 days before they happened, and decided to prepare for the alto AND the soprano auditions.  Because learning 4 arias in 6 days is totally a good idea.

Auditions happened at 8:00 am at the church- I had already been up for hours setting up a garage sale for our homeschool co-op.  I totally underwhelmed them.  In fact, the response I got back was ""Lovely tone at times and nice range. Vocal chords became fatigued by the end of the audition losing some of its earlier suppleness and tone resonance. Needs more confidence on notes, especially during descending runs."  See how smart I was to try and learn four technically demanding pieces in 6 days, and then try and sing them one after another at 8:00 am after working at a dusty garage sale?  YES!  GENIUS AWARD!

Three sopranos, two altos, and one man came to audition.  I was chosen as an understudy to a friend with an absolutely amazing, polished, glorious, indefatigable voice.  Totally disappointing, and completely understandable.  Ah well.  I attended once a week rehearsals for the choir, and then added once a week rehearsals for the soloists.  Busy, busy!  We worked as a choir, we had master classes to help fellow soloists polish up, we worked with the orchestra to get the timing down.

And that wonderful girl informed the director 6 days before the show that I would be performing the soprano section of "He Shall Feed His Flock."  


Picture me, hair done up, make up on, and in a ridiculous red sparkly dress, in front of a thousand people.  With a Jumbo-Tron behind me.  And very, very nervous.  

I start at the Messiah section (#3) at about 26:25.  If the player below doesn't work, the link is here.

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Very pretty, congrats!