Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween (And a winner!)

Congrats to J., the winner of our Halloween contest.  I was, in fact, Sara Crewe from Frances Hodgson Burnett's Little Princess.  I got tired of reading stories about dinos with a penchant for bad choices (and watching the hilarity ensue) and pulled out my old favorite.  The girls love Sara almost as much as I do.

I tried to get pictures of me, in my costume.  Somehow, all that ended up in the frames were random bits of me.  An eye.  A nose.  I need to to talk to Ernie about looking through the viewfinder.  Ha.  (And no, no one here ever guessed my costume.  I looked remarkably like a lazy witch....all black, and no hat.  And since I make jewelry, no one batted an eye at the foreign coin and baker's twin confection around my neck.  Ah well!)  Her pretty little necklace will be in the mail tomorrow.  And's not a coin on a string ;)

We had such a full Halloween this year- just too much fun.  I taught my morning piano lessons and we hustled out to the YMCA for my weekly Zumba class.  Afterwards, we did school while Cocoa slept, then got all dolled up for our day on the town!  Wonder Daddy's office hosted a Halloween party in the afternoon- going into downtown Seattle is always a huge adventure for the kids.

Here's our raccoon.


We came home in the afternoon, and Wonder Daddy too Mimi out to pick his bikes up from their annual tune-up.

I don't know.  Does she look excited that it's Halloween?  It was SO FUNNY to see my dancing blonde as this brunette.  Her Dad and I kept thinking my niece had snuck along with us.  But, you know that Snow White has to have raven hair.  It kind of got lighter as the night progressed- by the time I put her in the shower before bed, she had old-woman-gray hair.

(The shower.  OH the shower.  This spray-on hair color is awful!!!  It's chalky and rubs off on everything.  I tried putting it on Cocoa, but he kept rubbing it.  I put him in the bath, which left a huge black ring around the was like the Cat in the Hat had visited!)


Cocoa LOVES our neighbor's apple tree.  As soon as we get outside, he runs across the driveway shouting "APPUH!"  (And Nana, we all love our Halloween shirts :)


There was a costume contest at work.....but only if EVERYONE dressed up.  Here's our fearless lumber jack, sporting my grandpa's plaid shirt.  A plaid flannel shirt he gave me in high school, after he'd worn it for a few decades.  That's good stuff right there.


This girl.  Oh man.  Could she get any more beautiful?  (Don't answer.  Teen years are going to be a trial around here!  Big blue eyes, her dad's l.o.n.g. limbs....oh boy.)  Oh, and Cinderella has yellow hair.  It HAS to be yellow, Mom.


I knew the girls would be cold in the evening, so we made felt capes for them.

Ready for trick-or-treating!  No more pictures, MOM!

For the first time ever, we all went out trick-or-treating.  I left a bowl on the porch.  It was SO much fun!  Cocoa was such a hoot.  He finally figured out that going up to the door meant he got more candy, but he really wanted to trade with the nice ladies.  He'd fish out a piece from his bucket and leave it in theirs :)  Mimi was sprinting house to house, cape flapping.


J. said...

How cute. I wish my kids would have left some of their candy with the people at the door ;)

J. said...

P.S. I keep forgetting to tell you I got the package and it's lovely! Thanks.