Saturday, October 6, 2012

Remlinger Farm

Remlinger Farm- Look Mom!

Remlinger Farm- Here we go!!!  Steam is pouring out of the smoke stack.

Remlinger Farm

Remlinger Farm- Can you see E?

Remlinger Farm- the girls got to ride for a full twenty minutes, we were the only ones at the rides!

Remlinger Farm

There's a local farm that puts on seasonal carnivals- our home school co-op organized a group event (that got us in for half price!)  It was amazing- it gets pretty crowded later in the month, with about 600 kids on average during a week day.  We had barely 100 kids running around the park.  There was one bus load of kids, plus a handful of moms.  At 12:30 everyone but us went to lunch, literally....the girls had a hey-dey running from ride to ride!  The woman running the carousel was a darling, and let the girls ride for 20 minutes straight while we chatted.  Even with the other kids there, there was never a line for any of the rides.  Along with the carnival rides there was a hay maze, a real steam engine (the engineer showed the girls the wickedly roaring fire behind the iron door in the engine- they were stunned!), a puppet show/sing-along, lots of animals to see, and we all got to pick out a pumpkin to take home.

I know there are so many wildfires going on in our state right now, on the dry side of the mountains, but I'm loving with warm and dry Fall.

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J. said...

That looks like a great day. I'm hoping to find a farm nearby that does all the fun October type things like pumpkin patches, mazes, etc. Having one that has rides is super cool.