Friday, October 12, 2012

Adventure Days

One day a week we have Adventure Day.  I don't tell the kids much about where we're going, and they get to practice the very important skills of being happy with what they get, and allowing things to be OUTSIDE OF THEIR CONTROL.  So far, it's working wonders.

We have a new mantra for Adventure Days, too.  "We'll see what we see, and do what we do, and take care of four people."  I chant it at them (and they join in) whenever someone pipes up and asks for something extra.  You know, things like we're on our way to the park, and they ask if we're stopping for ice cream along the way.  We can't POSSIBLY fit every good thing into our schedule, and we can't POSSIBLY do every single thing available at wherever we go, and we can't POSSIBLY make each individual perfectly happy every single moment.  So, we'll see what we see.  We'll do what we do.  And, we'll take care of four people.  And everyone enjoys it!

For an adventure day this week, the kids and I took off to a local park.  It was absolutely empty, except for old people walking dogs.  Ernie was confused- where were all the kids?  Well honey, they're in school.

After tramping around the park, we picked up my niece and nephew.  We hit the library first, I helped my niece and nephew pick out books to read.  My nephew got titles like Motorcycles, Tow Trucks, Submarines, TOOLS (yeah, it was all caps,) Race Cars, etc.  My niece chose ones like Too Purpley, and Max and Ruby Try on Clothes.  (Not really, but that's the gist.)  Haha- I think it's been at least 8 months since they set foot in a library, their Mom has been sick (and neither of them read.)  They were completely floored.  We can pick out any books we like?  And we can find books to suit....anything we like?  OH WOW!  I LOVE THE LIBWAWY, AUNT MYNIE!

(You didn't think I made up the name Myrnie, did you?  No, no.  It's what children call me, starting with my youngest sister.  My real name is just too hard to say.  Of course, my next youngest brother said it just fine...he simply never meant it.  He'd fall and hurt himself, and cry out for me....when I appeared, he'd sob out "No!  I meant the OTHER Myrnie!"  The trials of twins :)


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