Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sticky Fingers

I'm hiding in the back room, while Wonder Daddy shows funny videos to Cocoa on his IPhone.  Ssssshhhh.

We had a bit of sun this week, and the girls begged fudgesicles for a snack.  They were thoroughly enjoyed.

how to enjoy a fudgsicle

how to enjoy a fudgsicle

Cocoa is getting good at trotting across the lawn, and exploring the dirt on the other side



Our yearly annual garage sale happened this weekend- I manned the goods all day Friday and Saturday.  It felt awesome to get all that stuff out of the house- I purged the entire house back in April, and stockpiled all the stuff in one room.  I told folks that if I made $30, I'd be a happy camper.  I went ahead and priced everything at a dollar, so I didn't have to deal with price stickers or hard math.  Plus, everyone loves the dollar aisle at Target: surely they'd love a dollar sale in my garage?

I was right- we did pretty well.  I actually made $50.  It was so completely depressing to count up the cash and only find $32.  Yes, I made my goal.  But knowing that I spent two days of my life on this sale, and that a 1/3rd of the proceeds just walked out the door somehow, was a bit crushing.  The first day was fun- people were happy to be there and find a bargain, my oldest girls were off playing so it was just me and Cocoa, and my little sister came to keep up company.  The second day, someone tried to sweet talk my 6-year-old into selling my patio chairs while I was out of sight, little kids came with all their yelling and throwing and wanting to buy my kids' toys that WEREN'T for sale, and everyone was just grumpier.  No more garage sales, this absolutely wasn't worth $32.  $14 of the proceeds belonged to the girls, and $2 belonged to my sister.  I took the five-finger-discount out of my husband and my share.  It almost paid for the two pizzas he picked up that night for an easy dinner while we babysat my niece and nephew.  I should have taken everything to the donation site as soon as I pulled it off our shelves.  Bah.  (Dad, you were right.  Again.  Ha, when will I learn that you're ALWAYS right?)


J. said...

Oh how funny. We had the same thing. I think we made $40 bucks for a two-day running (the only reason we made that much is because on item was $15)--so not worth it. Most of it was in my van on Sunday being passed out after church to anyone who wanted it.

Bobbi Lewin said...

Oh my goodness! People's bad manners can be amazing. My daughter has been going through all of her stuff, preparing for the move. People have been coming to her home to pick up the FREE stuff and they still expect her to do the work loading it in their cars. One person even complained to her about the gas money it took them to drive to her to get the free stuff!