Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

Christmas is exploding all over in here!

I don't know why, plastic and lights and fiber optics all just make me so, so happy this time of year!

The girls decorated the tree Saturday night- what a great job!  Wonder Daddy did the lights, I helped with the garland, and then I sat on the couch and just watched :)  Way to go, girls!!  We have such a collection of ornaments, it's funny- my childhood, his childhood, their childhood.... just so many little, colorful, things :)
building the gingerbread house

The girls and I went on a special trip to the store this morning for a gingerbread kit, while Cocoa slept.  (Have I told you that there are definite perks to having an unemployed husband??  Gosh GOLLY we love having him around!!)

building the gingerbread house

building the gingerbread house

I figured out the trick- you need to decorate all the walls and roofs BEFORE you assemble the house.  Yes.  Let those suckers dry, then glue them all together.  No more suicidal gum drops.

building the gingerbread house

building the gingerbread house

Cocoa was pretty pleased to sit back and watch his sisters- he sure loves those girls!
building the gingerbread house

It helps that he hasn't figured out how to put anything in his mouth, or why he would want to!  (Is that weird?  That nary a toy or cracker ever goes from his fist to his mouth??)

This past weekend was the annual Festival of the Nativities at our church.  It's an enormous undertaking- the gym has hundreds of nativity sets displayed, all on loan from church members.  One large classroom is filled with pictures of Christ, another room is set up like a child's room with activities and a little video about Christmas.  Another is set up as a photo studio....

Festival of the Nativity

Pretty cute, right??  I'm partial to those angels....  my family helped with music too.  The vocal mics weren't ready at our start time, so I punted with a handful of piano pieces for about 20 minutes.  That was actually pretty funny- talking to my dad afterwards, he mentioned that we didn't get to start on time, because "they had some piano stuff going on."  Heehee, mea culpa!  Soon as the mics were up, I sang through a piece my sister and I worked up, and then we were joined by our husbands to sing Christmas carols, and Mom played for us.  I love doing music with my family- we all blend so well :)  After our time slot was up, I accompanied some wonderful sopranos for another hour.  Nearly two hours on that stage....this is MUSIC SEASON!


Mama Papaya said...

What a wonderful (and musical) start to your holiday season.

And I love your walls with your holiday trimmings!

Teresa said...

thanks for reminding me how fun Christmas is with little ones around.
Everything looks lovely!

Alexandra said...

Sharing your joy in this beautiful season! :)

Su said...

Such a cute post! That last photo :) love it.