Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What a Girl Wants

Do you want to know one of the reasons I never told y'all I was pregnant?  Your ignorance of the fact was the only thing saving you from my daily declarations of despair.  It's true.  Now that you know, all I want to say is:

  • I'm so tired of being hungry.  I eat every hour, on the hour, and I am sick of every bit of food in this house.  I made peanut butter balls, and they were AMAZING because one little chunk of peanut butter and honey, dipped in chocolate, kept me full for an hour.  How efficient!
  • I would like a Wendy's frosty, a package of marshmallow pinwheel cookies, some fried chicken from Albertsons, and some kimchee.  Please.  
  • My husband is urgently reminding me that I only want a bite or two of each, so PLEASE Myrnie, don't purchase these items at Costco.  And then he reminds me of the great Fruit Snack debacle of 2004, when after weeks of pining I finally caved and bought them at Costco...and could only eat half a bag before they made me nauseous.
  • After spending two hours in a car, without food, ferrying family members around towns, I was nearly in tears by the time we got home tonight.  I ate tortilla chips dipped in apple butter, because they were closest to where I was standing to prepare dinner.  (I had only planned on spending 45 minutes TOPS in that car.)  
Nesting is starting to kick in, on my "up" days.  I cleaned the upstairs playroom with the girls for TWO AND A HALF hours yesterday.  Yikes.  We organized the toys, recycled a tub full of papers, sent all the Tupperware back to the kitchen...I even got out the crevice tool and vacuumed the baseboards and window sills.  The girls were shocked when I was true to my new mandate: You get out one toy, you play, you put it back.  I sat next to the toy cabinet for an hour enforcing this rule!  (Please don't let them know it's because I was too tired and sore to get up.)  But, in my defense, this is the "upstairs" toys- things they don't get to play with unsupervised, like board games, art supplies, and play dough.  

(I love the way Ernie wears her headbands)

The husband swears I did this last time too, but I don't remember being so miserably hungry all the time!  So tell me, moms: What do you keep around for emergency snacking and meals?  


Teresa said...

our daughter in law is due anyday now...and she has had the same problem....
its been so long since I was pg....that I'm of no help at all.
Maybe a big slice of wheat bread...that always seems to fill me up.

Su said...

I don't remember what I kept around to eat. I really don't.
All I remember is an uncharacteristic craving for KFC and orange juice. Oh, and the need to add bacon to everything.

Ticia said...

peanut butter and breakfast shakes.

Aunt LoLo said...

Hmm....hard boiled eggs, ready in the fridge. Hummus and carrots. Really, any protein-rich dip, ready in the fridge. Dried foods, for the car.....but they can be SO salty.

Alexandra said...

String cheese, feta cheese, all kinds of easy/fast shredded cheeses, bagged salads, hard boiled eggs, nuts, raisins, cans of tuna and chicken, fako V-8, pretzels, apples, bananas, grapes, cucumbers, carrots, peanut butter, whole wheat crackers, homemade jam, cottage cheese and peaches(yum), and celery and olives(yummo). Peanut butter on celery is good too.

Lately I've been stir frying a shredded cabbage mix(cole slaw) from a bag with one egg, mushrooms, part of a stir fry green/red pepper and onion frozen mix, and some collard greens. This is so good for healthy snack(fast too), and you could throw in some canned chicken for more protein.

A little canned tuna or chicken in a salad is a yummy snack. Add a few raisins, nuts and/or canned tangerines, and/or cottage cheese for more efficient fuel.

Are you hungry yet?! ;)

Mags said...

Hmm, I had Nutella for the pregnancy with the boys and ate it on toast every morning as a pre-breakfast. With my girl, I had a nice big bag of seconds from Seattle's Chocolates. I would get the dark chocolate truffles. For some reason dark chocolate calmed my tummy(I'm a sick prego person at the beginning) and I just kept them around the rest of the pregnancy.

Erin said...

Hey! Congrats on the pregnancy! I saw your comment on Made by Rae, so I came to check you out...and I just visited Made by Rae for the first time today, so I'm out and about discovering all kinds of things (in lieu of doing actual work, of course). Anyway, my curiosity was sparked by your comment of people coming to your church in Washington and picketing...I belong to that same church. I'm in Minnesota, but I haven't heard anything about picketing here. Though we did have some arson last year, and I'm sure it's related to Prop 8.

Also coincidentally, I lived in Washington while growing up--8 years, anyway. Love it, miss it, would love to return to the NW one day.

Anyway, carry on, here's to hoping for no more sign-holders...though this Prop 8 thing will probably go on forever, doesn't it seem?

Erin said...

p.s. Pregnancy emergency foods (Known to me now as breastfeeding foods): I make about a gallon of granola every two weeks. It has oats, wheat germ, pepitas, shredded coconut, walnuts, almonds, dried cranberries, and golden raisins in it. Compared to store-bought, it's much lower in fat and sugar. Though since it doesn't have all that sugar, it doesn't form clumps that are easy to stick in your mouth. So it could be messy in a car. But it's a great breakfast and I still snack on it. Other than that: I ate a lot of string cheese, took water with me everywhere, rolled up things in whole-wheat tortillas...and lots of things Alexandra said. Pretzels, ate lots of those, too bad they're just white flour and salt...but they helped. Peanut butter with those. I toasted corn tortillas in the oven and ate those with salsa and black beans (throw dried beans in the slow cooker, salt and add cumin once soft). Yogurt, lots of yogurt.

Of course, for on-the-go things, the best are non-refrigerated. I went through a lot of Fiber Bars to combat one of the well-know pregnancy symptoms, and they were like manna. Any combination of dried fruits and nuts, too. Plus water bottles in the car.

Tammy said...

Smitten Kitchen's granola bars (the chewy gooey ones). I use dried apricots, coconut, peanut butter and pecans... oh yummmmmmm.

Elizabeth said...

I craved fried chicken and V-8. I also felt kind of barfy after the chicken. I loved reading which foods you are into right now. Oooh, have some kimchee. Isn't it wonderful! I wonder if that would upset your tummy, though.

You must feel really good after getting that cleaning done. I'm amazed. You have two young ones, you are expecting and you actually had some energy to do all of that. WOW.

When are you due?