Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Garden Update

So.  Did you hear about the state that Summer forgot?  Yeah, that's us.  Not even the EASTERN half has had enough good weather to ripen their tomatoes.  Everyone who was on top of things and got their basil in the ground on time had to watch it rot away.  Tomatoes didn't go in the ground till at least July.

But hey!  Let's take a look and see what's going on in the front yard!

My tomato patch- sunny and warm, they like it!  Some are staked with cages, some are simply enjoying their space.

Bush beans.

Yellow pear tomato

Early Girl

Sweet 100

Roma (these are delicious and tart- they'll be great for sauce!)

Not-a-bush-bean?  Do bush beans produce tendrils, if given the chance to climb a pole?

Hello tomatillo.  Where did you come from?  There must have been seeds from last years patch in the dirt we threw down here- it looked like a weed when we left on vacation, and I came back to a 2-foot-tall plant a week later!   I wonder if we'll get any fruit before the frosts come in October?  August seems awfully late to start from a seed like this :)  I know if there IS any fruit, I can pull the whole plant out and let the fruit ripen on the bush in my garage.

I have beans cooking on the stove, and we need to throw sweaters in the car "just in case" when we leave the house.  I feel like we totally missed summer!  I'm grateful for the nice days we've had though- they've been gorgeous :)


Megan said...

I don't know what state you're in, but I've got the same issues here in Western Washington. I know we're the Evergreen State and all, but I'd sure like some red on my tomatoes. They're still green! Last year at this time we had so many cherry tomatoes we were giving them away to everyone. A good year for lettuce, though. I wish you much gardening luck!

Tammy said...

I am so jealous of your tomatillo crops (like last year) I looked for seeds this year, but of course, couldn't find them. Might be good as most of my stuff died in the 1 lone week of hot we had... I might still get some peppers though... we will see what kind!

Teresa said...

Oh the joys of gardening---if it's not the weather it's all natures critters.
Looks like your garden is doing well in spite of the lack of sunshine.

Aunt LoLo said...

Megan's comment...made me giggle. (Megan, if you're reading this, HELLO! From one Western Wa. girl to another!)

And...yeah. Not so much with the ripening fruit this year. The sage, however, loves me right now. As does the rosemary.

lera said...

I wonder if that creeping plant is Morning Glory. Some call it a flower, some call it a weed. It's very invasive. It grows just like that. It will creep right up the side of a tomato plant or anything else it can attach itself to.

Sam said...

Why do your vegetable photos make me so happy? But they do. They are on my "happy list." :)

Did I tell you we are growing corn for the first time? And it actually seems to be growing! (Remember we live in the arid, rocky desert. Or at least our backyard does. :))

Also I just like saying "Early Girl." :)

Elizabeth said...

I was wondering how your garden was doing...Don't feel bad. Even though we had more Summer than you, it wasn't long and it is now substantially cooling off. The unusually wet weather kind of wrecked the pumpkins. There will only be about 6 this year from three plants - that's really bad. Yellow squash produced ... one. Zukes are better but not plentiful. There are other things that faired better, but it was a strange garden year. I pray your tomatoes make it to harvest. Will you be making salsa?

Have a great one!