Friday, January 16, 2009

Sweater Re-Born

I recently found myself with a thrifted sweater, just begging to be made into something. Heidi, over at Perched on a Whim, suggested turning old sweaters into totes. How neat is that? As someone who loves knitted things -- but doesn't even know how to hold the needles -- making things out of sweaters is a nice alternative.

My sleeves set in at a slant, so I punted and just did one wide strap in the middle. It's a little shapeless, a little funky, and a lot of sweet thriftiness! I tell you what, I felt like the queen bee when I left the house with bag, diaper envelope, and scarf all made by me, my shirt from the thrift store, and and even a self-cut hair do. Take THAT, big box chain stores *grin*

Oh, and before you ask about the scarf: Admiring a friend's scarf during the holidays, I asked her where she found it (the Gap.) Folks, it was a quarter yard of un-hemmed jersey. When I found a quarter yard piece of gorgeous green organic cotton jersey in the remnant bin at Joann's for $4, do you think I snapped it up? You better believe it, and I wear it all over town!

Sweet sassafrass, do I love a quick, cheap, project.


Aunt LoLo said...

Sweet Sassafrass, aren't we just thrifty!

Oh, and I TOTALLY called you out on my blog this morning. Better get sewing now, Wonder Woman!

Heidi said...

myrnie! This looks great! I am so happy that it turned out as great as it did. I too LOVE knitted items but don't have the patience (or knowhow) to knit such detailed work. Nice shortcut huh? Thanks for bringing my attention to your final product!!