Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From the Workshop: Earring Re-Build

My little sister called this afternoon, just as I was finishing my last piano lesson: I had offered to look at some broken jewelry, did I have time this afternoon? OF COURSE! I love when my little sister comes over!

We clipped broken bits, replaced jump rings with shiny new ones, and generally jerry-rigged some snazzy jewelry. The only items that required complete re-build were these earrings- they were originally on silver-colored "fish hook" style ear wires. We have no idea what kind of metal they were, but were nasty and corroded. The wire was an uncoated metal, and one earring had crimped pretty badly. She'd been trying to re-form the, let's just cut the whole thing apart and rebuild it!

So here they are, with new gold-plated earrings (umm..why is EVERYONE sold out of silver earrings right now? Seriously, I've tried 4 stores), nylon-coated Beadalon beading wire, and new pinch-caps too. I offered to put new beads on too, but she likes these just fine, thanks-very-much *grin*

Thanks for a fun afternoon, sweety!


Casey said...

Wow! Those are beautiful. You should list some of your jewelry items in your Etsy shop.


Ooooh! I like them! They are really pretty! I agree that you should totally sell earrings too!

Aunt LoLo said...

I saw a girl at church today with earrings VERY similar to yours. Just thought I'd let you know. hahaha...

You should totally sell these!