Friday, August 8, 2008

A new favorite toy, and some pictures

My grandpa (Ernie likes to call him Bobby Boy, which I don't think he knows yet) loves to clean out cupboards. He sends home canned goods, old books, frozen food...anything that he hasn't used in a few months, that can fit in a grocery sack, he'll pile in your trunk or next to your car if it's locked. Today's loot included an airplane magazine for Wonder Daddy, a container of Grandpa's famous white bean soup, and a "Sort n Save" bank that has been around for as long as I can remember, PLUS he sent home a few cups of coins. Ernie loves sorting, Ernie loves little things, and Ernie loves this money bank! I think she spent a solid hour sorting coins this afternoon.

Notice the trademarked "Ernie Smirk." She gets that from her dad- smiling, but trying hard not to.

The intense concentration. This is the 12-month-old who spent 45 minutes at a time stacking and unstacking yogurt cups.
48-piece puzzles are no match for the attention span of this little girl. She'll work on them for an hour if she has to, and yell "done it!" at the end. And ask for another one.

Good grief, could her eyes be any bigger or bluer?

I tell you what, those eyes sure got noticed a lot in the face of a 4-week-old!

That's my girl!


Mama Papaya said...

The eyes do have it. Gorgeous. And I love the flashback pic!

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, that is SO cute!