Tuesday, August 12, 2008

36 Weeks

Pop quiz: These pictures were taken during 2 different pregnancies. One is 36 weeks, one is 39. Guess which one produced an 8 pound 9 ounce, 22 inch, nurse all day and all night kind of Wunderkind? And which one is expected to produce a child in the 7 pound range? Good Night, I was large!

For anyone wanting to follow along, the doctor says that the baby is descending... and I'm allowed to deliver anytime after next week! We'll be leaving here Friday afternoon to visit my family at a lake house they've rented out for a few weeks. Ernie and I will stay for a week, Wonder Daddy will come on the weekends. And my dad has a zippy little Prius in case I need to get home.

Oh, and Nana? This doctor schedules inducement dates at the "one week overdue" appointment. So that's the week of the 15th, at the latest! Wahoo!

Oh yeah, I'm the one on the left. Not the "I'm too skinny for my pants, I just fell in love" Aunt LoLo. Her wonderful Lo Gung proposed the day Ernie was born. Just a few hours later, in fact. He'd been waiting, to make sure she wouldn't be called away mid-proposal!


Aunt LoLo said...

Wow...I love that picture even MORE...every time you post it! ;-) Thanks for making me feel pretty again. :-) (You look GREAT by the way. So...I'm guessing you wouldn't recommend desk jobs and Easy Mac to the next prego you meet? 'cause BBJ was 8 lb 7 oz 23ish inches long...and I wasn't as big as you! She was also really flexible, though, and she was probably all rolled up like sushi in there!)

No-L said...

oo! oo! I know that answer!! It was the top picture. hehe.

I think both of you pregnant or not are beautiful!!

The Broken Man said...

I'm sure most people don't get to see many people who are *very* pregnant, because my poor wife keeps being told she is "huge" and she's only 5.5 months. She's getting a bit of a complex...

The Broken Man