Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Ernie loves to sing songs- we've had to limit her to 4 at naptime and bedtime, just to get us out of there! She loves to sing them in the car, and she especially loves to flip through the Children's Songbook to find her favorites. Since she doesn't actually sing yet, she's learned "actions" and signs to almost all of them.

"Baba" is one of our favorites. She named it herself- Baba means Bob, which is Grandpa A's fabulous stroller. Bob means she gets to go for a walk, so Baba means "walk." So Baba the song means "Pioneer Children Sang as they Walked." Yeah? I love her logic! Check out the video, and please excuse Dad's exciting camera work :o)

Another update on the Ernie front: for anyone involved in Ernie's long love-affair with bees, we're entering a new one: stars. She's finding them everywhere! She can't say star yet, but she uses her little version of "star" from "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." She pinches her first fingers to her thumbs, exclaiming "Mama! More!" whenever she finds them. It's pretty cute!


Teah said...

Umm..my baby is a gorilla. I loved the video. BBJ gave it a few claps and grunts.

Yeah. Actually, I'm leaning more towards Chimp!

Debbie said...

How adorable! She's such a smartie!!

Jay and Debbie Wiser said...

Hey... just watched cutie AGAIN and... she's got rhythm too!!