Saturday, May 11, 2013

Big Band Sound!

My family performed at a dinner tonight for our senior citizens- is there a more fun audience to perform broadway and big band pieces for?  I think not.  My brother Bear is vocals, my husband is electric bass, and I'm on keyboard.  My sister, LoLo joined in for a duet on Cuando, Cuando, Cuando.

We were on between dance numbers from a local ballroom school- for these last three in our set, they came up to the floor to dance with whomever they could get out of their chairs!  Too, too much fun.  So glad we were invited to perform!

These three were our closer pieces- I'll upload the others as well, we all chose a few classic broadway pieces to open.

"Cuando, Cuando, Cuando"

Foggy Day

Feeling Good

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Alexandra S said...

I liked this! I wish I could have heard the vocals better...beautiful voices and great playing on your part. I heard you clearly.