Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It's been a quiet Tuesday. Ernie is getting pretty self-sufficient in her school. Mimi is loving the warmer weather and disappears for hours to go walk the garden wall, play with chalk, swing, dig, and sing to herself. We call her our little pixie princess. When I found her with her blond curls full of moss the other day, she really looked it!

Cocoa has come down with a fever, again. (Last was was about two months ago, we were fever/flu buddies. And couch/movie buddies.). After letting him sleep in his crib about 4 hours I got nervous and woke him up- he sleeps hot like his dad, and his fever and gone over 102 again. Thermometer actually said 104, but I take its readings with a grain of salt. He eagerly gulped down his medicine (bless the makers of 8 hour Advil for children!!) and then drained two cups of water and started crying for pizza. (He hasn't eaten all day.) He ate a piece of bread and half a muffin, and his fever is down now and he's watching Mythbusters with his dad and I'm getting sleep while I can! Why does he keep getting fevers??

Oh, shining spot today: his favorite ball, the one he wouldn't leave the house without, went missing a few weeks ago. We found a replacement today, and he clutched it for five hours before he fell asleep. Welcome back, little green ball!


J. said...

So sorry. We got hit back to back with two different tummy bugs. I got the last batch and it was awful trying to take care of myself and my littlest who also succumbed. It's always so scary when the kids get sick. I hope you all feel better soon.

Alexandra S said...

Feel better little guy!