Friday, June 18, 2010

Kids Made This: Painted Flowerpot

We needed a birthday present for one of Ernie's preschool friends- she decided that a flowerpot was a GREAT idea!

I cleaned up a nice terra cotta pot I've had hanging around, and she went to town- I wish I got "finished product" pictures, but...clean up time is always a little hectic with two kids and some paint :) In true Ernie style, the pot was completely covered with paint when she was done. (I did convince her not to paint the bottom, which I felt was so small feat.)

Mimi got her own little pallette of tempura paints and a brush, and went to work on an over-sized piece of construction paper.
Unfortunately while my back was turned, she then proceeded to paint her face, belly, shoulder, hair, high chair hinges, and walls.

I love glossy walls that just wipe clean- WHEW!
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LunaMoonbeam said...

I'm sure the birthday princess LOVED it!

Unknown said...

I love your kid posts! I don't have enough child energy in my life, so I do live vicariously through you:)

Ticia said...

Glossy walls are awesome, we're slowly painting our house like that.