Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Laugh for the Day: The Trouble with Genealogy

Wonder Daddy's grandparents are currently serving a family history mission at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. They work on the phone lines mostly, answering genealogy questions from people all over the world. If the caller speaks English, it's fair game for Grandma and Grandpa's lines!

**If you've ever thought about getting into family history, or have any questions, check out Family Search, the LDS genealogy database. I believe it's one of the largest in the world, and completely free. Try plugging in a deceased relative, and see what you find!**

They sent these quips in their last letter to the family- enjoy!

Questions to the Family History Library:

* He and his daughter are listed as not being born.

* I would like to find out if I have any living relatives or dead relatives or ancestors in my family.

* Will you send me a list of all the Dripps in your library?

* My Grandfather died at the age of 3.

* We are sending you 5 children in a separate envelope.

* Documentation: Family Bible in possession of Aunt Merle until the tornado hit Topeka, Kansas. Now only the Good Lord knows where it is.

* The wife of #22 could not be found. Somebody suggested that she might have been stillborn - what do you think?

* I am mailing you my aunt and uncle and 3 of their children.

* Enclosed please find my Grandmother. I have worked on her for 30 years without success. Now see what you can do!

* I have a hard time finding myself in London. If I were there I was very small and cannot be found.

* This family had 7 nephews that I am unable to find. If you know who they are, please add them to the list.

* We lost our Grandmother, will you please send us a copy?


Aunt LoLo said...

Thanks for the laugh.

Oh, and I meant to tell you - on your 'tute list on the sidebar, you have listed "Felt-embellished burp cloths". Shouldn't it be flannel?

Teresa said...

Dans Mother served a mission like that years ago and loved it!
got a chuckle out of those questions-
Happy Day

Anna said...

LOL, that's hilarious!! Thanks for sharing. :)