Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Days Fly Past

The days fly by in a blur, but here are some moments.

Mimi loves to sleep in my arms, and we've spent our nights together in an arm chair. Today she napped in her car seat- no choking or kicking, and no waking up after five minutes. Hooray, I might get to use my lovely bed again!

Wonder Daddy's aunt and uncle spent the night with us and left early in the morning for his first-ever marathon. Here they are trying to get a happy picture of Mimi, at 9:30 pm, for Nana. Unfortunately, FAIL.

Made my first loaf of french bread, and it won't be my last! Thanks for the superb recipe, Nana! (Click through for recipe.)

We've spent a few evenings with my parents- it's bliss to sit around and watch the girls entertain my family. (Thanks for letting us spend more than 16 hours with you over the weekend to watch conference!)
And thank you Mom Mom for still being willing to play Cooties with Ernie...for the hundredth time.
And thanks Mom Mom for combing your Grandma visits with ours while I learn to wrangle two daughters.
Ernie loves her time on Grandma's bed, watching cartoons and eating all of Grandpa's pretzels and cashews.
I love this picture of Grandma and Mimi!


Aunt LoLo said...

Beautiful, Wonder Woman. I'll work on that photo for you...and tell your hubs I'm REALLY sorry I just called him. In my defense, it's 7:30 am here...and I got your e-mail about five minutes after I woke up.

And now I feel silly. :-p

One Year Older and Wiser Too said...

M is just beautiful. Glad you found a happy sleeping place for her that gives you a moment... to make bread. :-) Yummy recipe, isn't it?! And easy too.

Today is a sad day. Still can't 'sit' normal or sleep the night through in bed or stand straight without 'guarding'... which means no plane for me. :-( When I have a clear head we'll have to talk out a revised plan.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful family Mama. Beautiful days.